Daily Briefing: Democrats accept the meeting invite (2024)

Democratic lawmakers will meet face-to-face on Tuesday to discuss the path ahead for the 2024 presidential election. A NATO summit in Washington highlights the risk a Donald Trump reelection poses to the alliance's 31 Western members. Many portions of American under extreme heat report low levels of AC coverage.

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Democrats hold pivotal internal meetings (lunch included)

Democrats in the House and Senate are each set for catered meetings on Tuesday in what is likely to be a make-or-break moment in President Joe Biden's battle to remain at the top of his party's ticket. If an influx oflawmakers start speaking out against him,it would ramp up the pressure for him to step aside. If the vast majority express steadfast support, it could kill any momentum to find a new nominee with theDemocratic National Conventionin Chicago just a little more than a month away. Many Democrats are waiting until Tuesday’s meeting to get a better feel for where their colleagues are. But at this point, it's not clear what's ahead.

Is NATO Trump-proofing itself?

The NATO summit marks the alliance's 75th anniversary in Washington. Starting Tuesday, the assembly is a key test for member states who want to help Ukraine turn back recent Russian advances. It's also a big moment for President Joe Biden, who is under pressure to withdraw from the presidential race after adismal debateagainst NATO skepticDonald Trump.

NATO alliesare in final negotiations over language that says Ukraine's eventual admission into the military alliance is "irreversible" − so long as it makes a series of reforms required for membership.

  • The discussion over NATO membership for Ukraine follows claims from Trump that he would move quickly to end the war in Ukraine if he is elected in November.
  • But Trump hasn't offered any specifics on how he would end the conflict.So the alliance may be taking any possible steps to counter any actions that reward Russia's aggression.
  • Russia isn't missing the moment to make a statement. Kremlin missiles hit targets across Ukraine on Monday − including a children's hospital − killing 36 civilians in a daylight attack as Bidenprepared to welcome NATO leaders

More news to know now

  • The spotlight on Biden works for Trump.
  • Extreme heat in California: Hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and billions of dollars.
  • A win for left. Blow for right. Macron stuck. France's vote explained.
  • A Dartmouth student found dead in a river prompted a hazing investigation.
  • On today'sThe Excerpt podcast,a Republican convention committee signs off on aDonald Trump RNC platform - including abortion. Listen onApple Podcasts,Spotify, or your smart speaker.

What's the weather today?Check your local forecast here.

Deadly Beryl leaves 2 million without power in Texas

Tropical Storm Beryl unleashed a barrage of severe weather to southeast Texas on Monday, killing at least four people, flooding highways,closing oil ports, canceling more than 1,300 flights and knocking out power to more than 2.7 million homes and businesses. As Texas residents begin a path of recovery, the storm is expected to move through the Lower Mississippi Valley and into the Ohio Valley on Tuesday and Wednesday.Read more

Targeting landlords for sexual harassment

The Department of Justice cited myriad cases of sexual harassment against landlords as part of itsSexual Harassment in Housing Initiative, a program that prosecutors tout as a groundbreaking scheme that's nabbed $17 million in funds in dozens of cases. The money is then paid to victims. But experts and federal officials say the program, begun in 2017, is barely scraping the surface of a deeply entrenched problem that the law has only just begun to address. Read more

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  • Mishandled bodies, mixed-up remains prompt tougher funeral home regulations.
  • Extreme heat grounds rescue helicopters. When is it too hot to fly?
  • Ozempic v. Mounjaro? There's a clear winner for weight loss.
  • Copa America semifinals start Tuesday night with Canada, Argentina, Colombia, and Uruguay as the final four teams standing.
  • Why "Bachelorette" Jenn Tran kissed only one man during premiere.

No AC?

West coasters are experiencing a dangerous heat wave which broke record temperatures over the weekend and is expected to stay through midweek. Large parts of California and southern Oregon are under excessive heat warningsastemperatures across the stateshave broken the 100 degree mark. High temperatures in the 80s and 90s might seem mild, but many people in these cities live without air conditioning or permanent shelter, pushing those temperatures from disturbing to deadly. Read more

Photo of the day:Modi embraces Putin

India's relationship with Russia is based on "mutual trust and mutual respect," Prime Minister NarendraModisaid in Moscow on Tuesday, where he also said he appreciated President Vladimir Putin's leadership. His two-day visit coincides with aNATOsummit in Washington expected to be dominated by the war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the West, especially the U.S., has been seeking to strengthen ties with India as a potential counterweight to China.

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Daily Briefing: Democrats accept the meeting invite (2024)


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