Mikayla Demaiter In Thigh-Skimming Dress Is A 'Real-Life Barbie' (2024)

Model Mikayla Demaiter knows how to give her one million followers what they want to see!

The former hockey goalie took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share a few steamy snaps, including one that featured her looking like a real-life Barbie doll!

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Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Dubbed 'The Best Barbie Ever'

It looks like Mikayla might be planning to go as Barbie for Halloween! The Canadian model posed inside the giant pink box in a short white dress that showed off her natural curves. Her long blonde hair was swept back out of her face as she smoldered for the shot. Her arms were bent in front of her, holding some of Barbie’s signature accessories, like white-framed sunglasses and a little pink purse.

“Heard they made a movie about me this year?” Mikayla asked in the caption of this post. “Mikayla, the movie’s burning hot, in that white dress, hitting the spot,” one fan teased, creating a small poem for the popular model. “A sizzling tale,” another follower commented. “You could have played the part,” a third fan chimed in. “That’s a sexy white dress. LOVE IT. Beautiful,” another follower gushed while another fan called her “the best Barbie ever.”

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Mikayla Demaiter Is Practically Popping Out Of Her Slinky White Dress!

In another Twitter post, Mikayla practically popped out of her slinky white dress as she posed in front of a balcony. The plunging neckline shows off an impressive bit of cleavage while the high-slit in the dress shows off her leg. Her glowing summer tan almost blends into the gold background behind her as she poses for a few photos, letting her long blonde hair fall in loose waves over her shoulders.

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“Haven appears to be missing their favorite angel,” she wrote in the caption. “Baby, you are too sexy for me to resist,” one fan commented. “Marry me, my beautiful gorgeous heavenly angel,” another follower gushed. “Heavenly hot, Mikayla!” a third fan exclaimed. “You look super hot in these pics. I love it,” another follower shared while other fans called her the “reason for global warming” and the “reason for climate change.”

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Mikayla Is Making The Earth 'A Little Bit Hotter' With These Steamy Snaps

In another jaw-dropping Twitter post, Mikayla shared four photos that featured her posing by the pool in a two-piece green bathing suit. Her long blonde hair falls about her shoulders as she smolders for the shot, showing off her glowing summer tan and her fit physique. In the caption of this post, Mikayla teased, “The earth’s got a little bit hotter since I posted these.”

“Justin Trudeau would love that,” one fan teased, referring to the Canadian prime minister. “Please think about global warming before posting stuff like this, this is instant climate change,” another follower agreed. “But it is more like a seasonal change than global warming. Instantly hot, then cold again,” a third fan pointed out while another follower called her a “Siren who could melt icebergs with just a glance!”

Mikayla Knows How To Take Her Fans' Breath Away!

In yet another Twitter post, Mikayla shared a steamy snap that featured her snapping a mirror selfie wearing a white long-sleeve turtleneck underneath a lacy black corset. She paired the look with high-waisted daisy dukes that showed off her long legs. In the caption, she joked, “My apologies. I think I just took your breath away.”

“You certainly got our attention,” one fan commented. “You’re so well-mannered,” another follower wrote. “Very hot,” a third fan gushed. “Sexy,” another follower chimed in. “Wow, just wow,” another follower shared. “It’s another spectacular sight from an amazing lady,” another fan commented. “You are so beautiful,” another follower added while another fan called her their “Dream girl.”

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Interested in more Mikayla Demaiter content? Fans just can't get enough of the former hockey goalie! In another recent post, the Canadian model gave fans a "daily dose of sunshine" in a yellow two-piece! Fans can check out that jaw-dropping display by clicking here!

Mikayla Demaiter In Thigh-Skimming Dress Is A 'Real-Life Barbie' (2024)


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