Richmond Times-Dispatch from Richmond, Virginia (2024)

Massachusetts Doctor, E. Mongan, Dies at 92 SOMERVILLE, April 13-(P)-Dr. Charles E. Mongan, 92, former president of the Massachusetts Medical Society, died today. A practicing physician in Somerville for more than a half-century, he served for many years as the Massachusetts Medical Society's delegate to the American Medical Society.

ROTHWELL W. ELLIOTT, SR. Rothwell William Elliott, 47, a painter, of 1713 Texas died Sunday in a Richmond hospital. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Annie P.

Elliott; two sons, Rothwell W. Elliott, of Richmond. and Private First Class Edward L. Elliott, of the United States Army; his parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Edward R. Elliott, of Richmond, and a brother, T. T. Elliott. of Richmond.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete. MRS. NANCY W. BORST PETERSBURG, April 13-Mrs. Mary Wilborne Borst, 83, of Petersburg, widow of the late Charles E.

Borst, died Sunday in a Petersburg hospital. She was one of the oldest members of Washington Street Methodist Church and had been active in the work of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. W. D.

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France is against bringing the question before the Council at this time, declaring she is negotiating a settlement directly with the Tunisians. I Tunisian Saboteurs Wreck Main Rail Line TUNIS, April 13-(UP)-Saboteurs blew up 120 feet of mainline railroad track near Sousse early today in the first violence reported in Tunisia since Premier Salah Edine Baccouche's new proFrench Cabinet took office yesterday. French authorities said mainline rail traffic was disrupted when the saboteurs set off charges beneath a bridge. Baccouche said immediately after yesterday's swearing -in ceremony his first task was to "restore peace and harmony." The French, meanwhile, relaxed the martial law in effect since former Premier Mohammed Chenik was arrested three weeks ago. Noted Operatic Coach Dies in Florida at 72 MIAMI SPRINGS, April 13 (AP) Mrs.

Caroline (Lina Coen) Van Lier, 72, an operatic coach who came here in 1939 from New York City, died today. Mrs. Van Lier, a native of Paris, established a studio in New York in 1914. Her students included Mary Garden and Grace Moore. She had been a member of the University of Miami music faculty for the past six years.

She was the widow of the late Jacques Van Lier, a 'cellist, who died last year. MISS LUCY GLASGOW LEXINGTON, April 13- Miss Lucy Glasgow, daughter of the late Alexander Mcnu*tt Glasgow and Laura Belle Mackey Glasgow, of "Tuscan Villa" in Rockbridge County, died here Saturday at her home. She is survived by two sisters, Miss Mary T. Glasgow, of Richmond, and Miss Otelia Glasgow, of Rockbridge County. A funeral service will be held at 10.

A. M. Monday at Harrison's Chapel, with burial in Lexington Cemetery. Steamship Executive Dies in New York at 88 NEW YORK, April 13-(P)- Maurice Bouvier, 88, a director of W. R.

Grace died today at his Park Avenue home. He was formerly president of the Grace Steamship Company, now Grace Line. Bouvier started with W. R. Grace Co.

in a 1881 when the New York office was headed the founder of the business, William R. Grace, then Mayor of New York City. Bouvier also had served as vicepresident and a of the Grace National Bank and the NACO Fertilizer Company, and president and a director of the Atlantic and Pacific Steamship Company. IRA C. NICKOLAS ROCKVILLE, April 13- Ira C.

Nickolas, of Rockville, died Sunday at his home. He is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Linwood Childress and Mrs. Virginia Tate; two, sisters, Mrs. Walter Hicks, Buckner, and Mrs.

Eldridge Bradshaw, of Powhatan, three brothers, Joseph F. and and Russell Nickolas, of Phoenix, Heber Nickolas, of Sabot, and four grandchildren. A funeral service will be held at 2 P. M. Tuesday at Berea Baptist Church, with burial in church cemetery.

WILLIAM V. CROSHAW PETERSBURG, April 13-William Vernon Croshaw, 74, of 1318 Custer died Sunday in a Petersburg hospital. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Ruth D. Croshaw; two daughters, Mrs.

J. F. Walston, of Currie, N. and Miss Merle H. Croshaw, of' Petersburg, and two brothers, E.

H. and W. S. Croshaw, of Stony Creek, Va. A funeral service will be held at 2 P.

M. Tuesday in Wesley Methodist Church, with interment in Blandford Cemetery. CLARENCE W. RAGLAND SCHUYLER, April 13-A funeral service for Clarence Walker Ragland, 75, of Schuyler, a stoneworker in a soapstone plant, who died in a Richmond hospital Saturday, will be held at 2 P. M.

Monday at Glenmore Methodist Church. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nora Elizabeth Ragland; a son, Morris A. Ragland, of Washington; two daughters. Mrs.

E. J. Hughes, Sandston. and Mrs. C.

G. Thorp, of Staunton, three sisters, Mrs. Emma Brown and Mrs. Cornelia Londeree, of Glenmore, and seven grandchildren Mrs Pearl Juhr, of Middletown. three great-grandchildren.


Frankfort Distillers N. Y. C. Geoghegan Dies at Age 85 In Chase City CHASE CITY, April 13-Charles Evington Geoghegan, 85, a former Mayor of Chase City, died Sunday. He had served as Mayor for eight years and was a former member of the Town Council.

Mr. Geoghegan, a native of Clarksville, was active in civic and fraternal groups in the city. He was a Mason and was engaged in the retail grocery and insurance businesses for a number of years. A member, of the American Legion, he had served as a captain in the National Guard during conflicts with Mexico before World War I. He is survived by, two daughters.

Mrs. Lucille Zollinger, of Baltimore, and Mrs. Bessie Echols, of Emporia, two sons, Preston L. Geoghegan, of Baltimore, and Christopher W. Geoghegan, of South Hill; one adopted son, Charles E.

Geoghegan, III, serving with the State Department in Austria, and nine grandchildren. Mr. Geoghegan died at the home of his late son, Marshall Geoghegan. The son recently died from injuries received in a traffic accident. Funeral arrangements were incomplete tonight.

MRS. MARGARET C. O'CONNOR Mrs. Margaret Clancy O'Connor, widow of Thomas O'Connor, died Sunday at her home, 4110 Stuart Ave. She survived daughter, Mrs.

Irvin W. Cavedo, of Richmond; four sons, Kenneth William Thomas, and James O'Connor, all of Richmond; one brother, Patrick Clancy, of Ireland, and six grandchildren. A funeral service will be held at St. Bridget's Catholic Church, with a requiem high mass at 11 A. M.

Tuesday, with burial in Mt. Calvary Cemetery. I neral rites will be held Tuesday at noon in the chapel of J. T. Morriss Son with burial in Blandford Cemetery.

ROBERT COLEMAN WILLIAMS Robert Coleman Williams, 91, a retired railroad car inspector, died Sunday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. L. G. Bryan, of 2000 Bailey St. He is survived by two sons, Robert Leon and Herbert Hope Williams, of Richmond; five daughters, Mrs.

Bryan, Mrs. Marie W. Johns, and Miss Ethel Williams of Richmond; Mrs. Joseph Logio, of New Jersey, and Mrs. Frank E.

Cahoon, of Norfolk: two half brothers, George H. and Joseph J. Welch, of Richmond; a half sister, Mrs. Louise Burke, of Burkesville, 15 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. A P.

M. Tuesday at the Joseph W. funeral service will be held at 4 Bliley Funeral Home, with burial in Maury Cemetery. CHARLES A. DE COURSEY Charles A.

De Coursey, 46, of 16 South Robinson an employee of the Associated Transfer Company, died Sunday at his home. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Estelle De Coursey Burnett, of Richmond; a sister, Mrs. Margaret Jones, of Richmond. and two brothers, Harry De Coursey, of New Orleans, and Leonard De Coursey, of Richmond.

A funeral service will be held at the Joseph W. Bliley Funeral Home at 3 P. M. Tuesday, with burial in Riverview Cemetery. MISS JOSEPHINE ELLIOTT Miss Josephine Elliott, 97, a resident of Chesterfield County, died Sunday in a local hospital.

She was born in Chesterfield. "She is survived by several nieces, a nephew and great-nieces and great A funeral service will be held at Bennett Funeral Home at 11 A. M. Tuesday, with burial in Providence Church Cemetery in Chesterfield County. MISS JEANNETTE McNIVEN Miss Jeannette McNiven, 79, of Richmond, died here Sunday.

She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. A. N. Kemble and Mrs. Robert Waitt, of Richmond, and a brother, Phill H.

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DIAL 5-3277 held at Christian Funeral Chapel at 3:30 P. M. Tuesday. Burial will be in Riverview Cemetery. WAKEFIELD, April 13- A funeral service for Wilton James Cotten, 48, a grocery clerk, of Dendron, will be held at 3 M.

Monday Traylor Purviance Funeral Home, Wakefield, with burial in Wakefield Cemetery. Mr. Cotten was drowned Saturday morning in the Blackwater River near his home. MRS. HENRIETTA S.

JANNEY WILTON JAMES COTTEN GLOUCESTER, April 13- Mrs. Henrietta Snowden Janney, 71. of Gloucester, died Sunday in a Richmond hospital. She is survived by a son, Samuel Janney; a daughter, Miss Emily Janney, of Gloucester; two brothers, Joseph Gerard Hopkins, of Gloucester, Hopkins, of Hatsboro, and and two sisters, Mrs. S.

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