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TwO FOUR ESCAPE POSSIBLE DEATH. Four young Vanderbilt University students escaped possible fatal injuries Sunday when the automobile in which they were riding plunged 75 feet down a cliff on Highway 117 across the river from Stevenson on Sand Mountain. The four were listed by state troopers as Michael Doyle, 19, of Nashville, driver of the car; Joe Brinkley, 19, also of Nashville; Gordon Larry Baggett, 19, of Daytona Beach, and Guy Mitchell, 19, of Tupelo, Miss. The four were returning to Nashville from Atlanta, where they had attended fraternity meeting. Brinkley was the most seriously injured, suffering a fractured pelvis.

All were hospitalized at North Jackson hospital. (Photo by Studios). John Walker Dies At Age 59 Funeral services were held Sunday for John Samuel Walker, retired farmer of Rosalie, who died Thursday at his residence. Services were conducted from the Rosalie Baptist church with Rev. Lee Drain, Rev.

Roy Lacy and Rev. Joe Rowell officiating. Burial was in the adjoining, cemetery under direction of the Rainsville Funeral Home. He was 59 years old. Survivors include his widow, Mrs.

Lois Walker of Rosalie; one daughter, Miss Joan Walker of Rosalie, one son, John Walker of Texas; two sisters, Mrs. Bessie Mearse and Mrs. Margie Shrader, both of Pisgah; two brothers, Walter Walker of Chattanooga and Albert Walker of Pisgah, and one grandchild. Mrs. Guffey Dies At Age 86 Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon for Mrs.

Jessie Batey Guffey of Chattanooga, who died in a Chattanooga hospital Sunday afternoon at the age of 86. Services were conducted from the graveside at Woods Cove cemetery with Rev. Wesley Johnson officiating. J. Avery Bryan Funeral Home of Chattanooga was in charge of services.

A native of Scottsboro, Mrs. Guffey is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Ruby Pellom of Stevenson, Mrs. Irene Bell a nd Mrs. Sally Bailey of Scottsboro; five sons, Joe M.

Guffey of Hollywood, Walter G. Guffey of Flat Rock, Dave Guffey and Earl C. Guffey of Scottsboro and James H. Guffey of Chattanooga; 36 grandchildren and 39 greatgrandchildren, Square Dancing Class To Start All couples interested in an evening of good clean fun and recreation are invited to join the new class in western style square dancing that is starting Friday, Aug. 2, at 8 P.

M. at the American Legion Hall in Fort Payne. This class is sponsored by the DeKalb Merry Mixers Club and graduates of the twelve lessons for the class will be eligible to join the club and participate in their dances, those in the surrounding area and the Alabama Jubilee next April. FOR YOUR READY -MIX CONCRETE NEEDS CALL 574-3858 W.J. WORD LUMBER CO.

SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA EST. 1892 WE POUR ANY TEST CONCRETE Section FFA Plans Several Radio Programs The Section FFA chapter today took another step toward making its safety advance program an all -out safety effort. According to Cecil Gant, FFA advisor, the Section FFA'ers have just completed writing a series of radio programs on safety topics which will be scheduled and presented over 1 al radio stations during coming months. The programs, varying from ten to fifteen minutes in length, should prove valuable in advancing safety education als. Program topics will include "Safety Makes Stitch in Time," "CleanU for Safety and "Harvest More Corn The latter mentioned program will be scheduled for fall when harvesting operations start in hopes of preventing many of the annual yet very needless corn picker accidents.

Other safety activities recently planned by the Section safety- minded Future Farmers are the organization of a Farm Safety Council, proposed as a cooperative effort between Section FFA members and the civic, and lay leadership in community; and conducting additional Hazard Hunts, dedicated to locating a removing safety hazards in community homes and around surrounding farmsteads. Dutton Soldier Begins Training Private Lee Wynn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Wynn ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE CONTINUED WITH MANY NEW ITEMS ADDED SOME FUTMER REDUCED 1 TO 20 YARD LENGTHS ASSORTED TYPE AND QUALITY MANY ANTIQUE SATIN TYPES AT THIS PRICE THESE DRAPERY FABRICS ARE SOLD AS ARE IN THEIR PRESENT LENGTH PER YO COTTON JERSEY LARGE GROUP DRIP DRY PRINTS CA YARDS $1.00 WAS $1.98 ALL REMNANTS DRASTICALLY REDUCED LARGE ASSORTMENT ESTRON PRINTS TAFFETA EMBROIDERED FABRICS PRINTS SAND AND EYELETS SOLID CREPE COLOR PRINTS REDUCED DACRON BATIST PER YO WERE 900 TO $1.89 PER YO WANSUTTA PRINT, 45 INCH PRINTED SPORTSWEAR FABRICS, 45 INCH SOLID COLOR PIMA CHIFFON 45 INCH MISSION VALLEY GINGHAM, PAMPERED COTTON PRINTS, SOLID COLOR PIQUE.

2 YARDS $1.00 WAS TO PER YO. KENNAMER'S MILL ENDS STORE SCOTTSBORO THE SENTINEL- ESCAPE INJURY. Rev. Charles of Huntsville, escaped injury in which they were riding went at Mud Creek during thundershowers. from Huntsville to Tennessee accident occurred.

Mrs. Hughes accident. (Photo by Studios). of Route 1, Dutton, has begun his Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, S. where he has been assigned to Company 1st Battalion, 1st Training Regiment of the U.S.

Army Training Center, Infantry. This is the first phase of his six months active duty training with the Army and a part of the obligation he incurred upon enlisting in the Army Reserve, His reserve unit is the 1343rd Combat Engineers Scottsboro, During his basic training he will be introduced to a wide variety of infantry skills, along with intensive physical conditioning. He will attend classes in the traditions of the service, character guidance, and the role of the Army in the world today. Many of his instructors a re combat veterans of World War II and the Korean conflict. Fort Jackson uses U.

S. Army's TRAINFIRE method 0 teaching rifle AGE Hughes and his wife, Jean, Monday afternoon when the car out of control and struck a tree The couple were en route to attend a funeral when the was driving at the time of the TRAINFIRE enables the Soldier to become a better rifleman in less time. Under the program, the trainee fires at pop-up targets at unknown distances on terrain which duplicates combat areas. Other highlights of his intensive basic training schedule include squad tactics, bayonet drill, hand-to-hand combat, and a night problem against an "aggressor" force. He will also crawl the infiltration course while live machine -gun fire pops overhead.

Basic training is climaxed by a graduation review before the commanding general of Fort Jackson. Outstanding performances are recognized in a ceremony open to parents and invited guests. marksmanship. Simulating after one application, but old actual battle conditions, spots may require several. GOOD YEAR RUGGED TUFSYN In the tread Goodyear's new tough synthetic processed into 3-T Goodyear tires for A greater durabilityNYLON longer mileage.

Tire Cord Rugged Nylon made even tougher through Goodyear's exclusive triple-tempering process. Gives tires strength where it counts! Now Is The Time To Buy WHI WHITEWALLS! 0 Choose From 2 Famous Models 5 MOST ew Guaranteed All-Weather 1 full POPULAR SIZES year afety All-Weather STARTING AT JUST Guaranteed 21 me 1250. PROVED NO Tested for thousands of high-sp. ed mile on take Turnpikes it and to pre come MONEY they can ack for more! DOWN! GOOD YEAR GOODYEAR QUALITI SERVICE STORE Unmatched as evidenced fact that more people rid on Goodyear tires kind. than on 620 E.

WILLOW ST. PHONE 574-2300 any other Thursday, August 1, 1963 A sticky iron operates smoother if it's run back and forth (while hot) over a piece of paper that has been sprinkled with salt. Plastic drapes, panties or shower curtains will stay soft and pliable if several ounces of glycerine are added tothe rinse water. Today, one American farm' worker grows more food, fiber, and other products per man hour than he did in 1947-494 MAXWELL HOUSE BANANAS 18 INSTANT COFFEE ICE LUCKY LADY MILK GAL 39 02 NABISCO PREMIUM GOLDEN FLAKE BLUE BONNET CRACKERS POTATO CHIPS OLEO LB BOX TWIN PACK COLONIAL Palmolive Reg SUGAR 5 LBS Palmolive Cashmere Cashmere Bouq Bouq Reg Bath Bath Vel Beauty Bar Reg AJAX GIANT SIZE Vel Beauty Bar Bath FAB CLEANSER Ad Jumbo Size $2,09 LARGE 35 2 FOR Vel PowderLarge BOX Vel Matic Liquid Vel Giant SUPER SUDS LIQUID AJAX Soaky REG 28 OZ Baggies 2 F01 49 BOTTLE Florient BOX GORDY'S HEINZ TOMATO SALT KETCHUP 20 oz HEINZ STRAINED BOXES, 25 FOOD BABY 2 FOR Dollar Value Store DIXIE MARKET If alcohol has left white spots on your varnished or painted tabletop, apply vaseline and rub vigorously with a wad of cotton. Fresh spots usually disappear 601 FT.

PAYNE -Free Parking.

The Daily Sentinel from Scottsboro, Alabama (2024)


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