Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (2024)


Vykas Raid Structure

Vykas has three gates, each of them requiring eight players and an item levelof 1430 for normal mode, or 1460 for hard mode. This is a weekly cooldowncontent and the entry count resets every Wednesday.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (1)

As with all other Legion Raids, your progress is saved after completing agate, so you can stop the run and re-enter at a later time, continuing fromthe gate you were left off at.

Assuming you have the item level required, you can also mix and match thedifficulty of the gates, as you can choose to do one in hard mode and theother two in normal mode, or vice versa.


Party Setup

As with all other harder difficulty content, having a Bard or a Paladinmakes things smoother.

For normal mode, you do not need any support classes as longas the group performs each mechanic perfectly.

For hard mode, a support class in each group is a great addition,especially during Gate 3 where there is a higher chance that a few mechanics,such as the typing test, can have mistakes where a support can carry through use of theirAwakening skills.

As for DPS synergies, anything goes. Crit synergies are always great(Gunslinger, Deadeye, Arcanist), but my recommendation is to get at leastone class with a Stagger buff such as Scrapper, Artillerist, or Destroyer,as it might prove to be useful during Gate 1 and Gate 3.


Vykas Gate 3 Overview

At Gate 3, we meet Vykas once again. Both parties are together for the wholefight.

The suggested battle items for Vykas Gate 3 are listed below:

Useful battle items are Whirlwind Bombs,Sleep Bombs and, on occasion, Time Stop Potions.

Upon completing Gate 3, you will be presented with specific loot depending onwhether you have done the fight on normal or hard mode:

  • Normal Mode Gate 3 rewards
    • Two Relic Accessories
    • One Relic Stone
    • 10 Fused Leapstones
    • Two Covetous Fangs (Legendary Material)
    • One Covetous Wing (Relic Material)
    • 2,200 Gold
  • Hard Mode Gate 3 rewards
    • Three Relic Accessories
    • One Relic Stone
    • 22 Fused Leapstones
    • One Stone of Chaos
    • Two Covetous Wings (Relic Material)
    • 2,500 Gold

The bonus chests from each difficulty are listed below:

  • Normal Mode Gate 3 Bonus Chest (Costs 800 Gold)
    • Two Relic Accessories
    • One Relic Stone
    • Six Fused Leapstones
    • Two Covetous Fangs (Legendary Material)
    • One Covetous Wing (Relic Material)
    • 600 Guardian Stone Crystals
    • 300 Destruction Stone Crystals
    • 900 Honor Shards
    • Seven Great Honor Leapstones
  • Hard Mode Gate 3 Bonus Chest (Costs 1,200 Gold)
    • Three Relic Accessories
    • One Relic Stone
    • 10 Fused Leapstones
    • Two Covetous Wings (Relic Material)
    • 960 Guardian Stone Crystals
    • 480 Destruction Stone Crystals
    • 1,500 Honor Shards
    • 10 Great Honor Leapstones

Upon clearing Gate 3 you will also be presented with the abilityto roll on items with the group you cleared with. Those items are listed below:

  • Vykas Normal Mode Completion Bidding Items
    • One Gear-crafting Material Chest containing three Covetous Fangs (Legendary Material)
    • One Honing Book
  • Vykas Hard Mode Completion Bidding Items
    • One Gear-crafting Material Chest containing five Covetous Wings (Relic Material)
    • One Stone of Chaos
    • One random Engraving Recipe
    • Two Honing Books

Note: If a mechanic is scripted to happen at specific health thresholds, it will be listedunder the description of that mechanic. Depending on the damage of the group, it ispossible to push Vykas lower before the mechanic happens.


Pre-fight Preparation / Positioning

This fight is more about communication on the spot and sticking togetherrather than pre-set locations, but there are two events that should have someplayers assigned to a location.

At 105 bars, the stagger and frogs mechanic should have one DPS playerassigned to 1 o’clock and a second assigned to 7 o’clock.

At 55 bars, one party of four should kill worms on the right side of the room,while the other should cover the left side.


Major Vykas Gate 3 Mechanics


The Charm Bar

A very important part of this fight is managing your Charm bar:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (2)

Every player gets it upon entering the room, and it is individual to each.Depending on the level of your Charm it will affect your character in different ways:

  • Charm meter at 0 means you do less damage to Vykas.
  • Charm meter in between 1 and 69% means you do normal damage to Vykas.
  • Charm meter in between 70 and 99% means you do more damage to Vykas andreceive more as well.
  • Charm meter at 100% means you lose control over your character and becomefriendly to Vykas and an enemy to everyone that has a Charm meter under100% - which are all of your raid members. This means they can kill you with theirattacks and vice versa.

If you do become hostile, one of your party members can throw a Sleep Bomb on youto remove some of the Charm gauge meter and return you to normal Charm.The Charm meter fills up as you take damage from Vykas and her mechanics.Some mechanics fill it up very fast, like the dark red puddles,while others just add a small amount to it.

Ways of removing Charm:

  1. Activating a golden orb located at North East South and West.
  2. Using the Sidereal skill Inanna.
  3. Getting grabbed by Vykas' chain.
  4. Getting to 100% Charm and having another player throw a Sleep Bombon you.

Let us get into the mechanics, in the order of appearance:



At 170 bars and 74 bars, Vykas goes to themiddle of the room and five players receive a blue debuff, while the otherthree receive a brown one.

This is marked visually with a cone of blue or brown light above your headlike so:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (3)

It is sometimes difficult to notice the brown light as the room turns dark,too. If you are having trouble with the visual cue, you also get a notification via text like so:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (4)

After a few seconds, players with blue debuffs leave a light blue speedtelegraph underneath their feet, while players with brown debuffs will leavea brown slowing telegraph:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (5)

After a few seconds, everyone will be pulled towards her, andreaching the center spot kills you. The goal is to create abridge of slowing telegraphs in a line towards the boss.

Here is a full video example of this mechanic:

Generally, players create the slow bridge at 9 o’clock while placing thespeed puddles away from this spot. Do not step under Vykasduring this time as the pink center part of the room will kill you.


Statue and Sword

At 151 bars Vykas disappears and severalstatues of her spawn in the room. The spawn pattern is random, but there areonly a limited number of patterns that repeat. Here is one example:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (6)

Everyone with a Charm gauge under 70% will see these statues whileeveryone with a Charm gauge above 70% will see the swords, like so:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (7)

The swords also spawn in a random pattern out of a limited number ofavailable patterns.

The goal during this mechanic is that everyone would stack up on the correctsafe spot and avoid the raid wipe explosion. The safe spot is wherethere is a statue and a sword together.

It is recommend that one member of your group would have eithermemorized or look at a picture with the preset statue patterns, then call outthe safe location. Here are the patterns in a picture made by a fan that Ifound memorable:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (8)

The yellow dots are the safe place in every statue pattern, and it does notrequire you to see the swords to decide. The safe spot is always the same ineach statue pattern. The only time you would need to see the swords is for the scorpion pattern,where one of the two right side statues is safe, at random.

Alternatively, you can have a few people with Charm over 70% pinging thelocation of swords while someone with Charm under 70% picks a finaldestination based on the sword pings and the statues that he sees.


Typing Test

At 135 bars, Vykas goes to the middle of theroom, and after a few seconds she stuns everyone as a typing test mechanicbegins.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (9)

Every player receives two consecutive typing challenges during this onemechanic. If you press a wrong key, the test resets with the full seven keys, but the timeyou get to complete it is the same as you had left at the moment of thewrong key press. So a second chance is given, but realistically it onlyworks if you have mistyped the first or second key from your originalattempt.

In normal difficulty, you can survive the wipe explosion that follows ifup to three players have failed their test. In hard difficulty, onlyone player is allowed to fail. More then that and theexplosion kills you instantly regardless of consumables or skills used.

This is how you can tell how many fails your raid had, so you can prepareAwakening skills from support classes in case you need them:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (10)

An important thing to note is that the more Charm you have, the shorter thetime you get to type. At a base of 0 Charm meter, the timer is four seconds.At 135 bars, all group members have to activate one of the golden balls onthe sides of the room, and everyone should be ready to step in immediatelyto remove all Charm before the beginning of this mechanic:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (11)

In the above example we went North, but you can choose any other cardinalpoint if North is unavailable or unreachable.

You have four golden cleansing orbs in normal difficulty and three orbs in harddifficulty.

It is possible for players to get chased by the red plums and bring some Charm into thegolden zone - feel free to avoid these while inside the zone as you canmove.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (12)

Here is a video example of this mechanic:

Right after the typing test is over, and assuming the explosion does notkill you, Vykas comes rushing at your group in a series of two patterns.

  • Cutting the ground with her sword:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (13)

This means there will be an explosion where the sword cut is made, so thesafe area is anywhere else (commonly referred to as “out”).

  • Like a spinning bullet:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (14)

This means that an explosion will be created on both sides, while the safezone is where her body has passed through. So a common call for this is“safe in” or “in.”

These two mechanics always happen after a typing test, and it is always bothof them but the order is at random.

Lastly, as part of the post-typing events, the landing damage Vykas doesafter the in and out phase is also marked with a red telegraph which iscommonly called out as another “out,” followed by an explosion in a largeAoE on the whole room except the spot she landed on, commonly called out asan “in.”

To sum it up, you will have the typing test, followed by both her sword cutand bullet spin in a random order, and then safe outside, followed by safeinside, all in quick succession.



At 115 bars, Vykas starts to sit on herthrone, which symbolizes the start of the hunger mechanic.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (15)

The goal is that even before you see the above animation, every player wouldfill up their Charm meter to 100% in order to avoid the one shotexplosion.

So what is commonly done, is the next Charm puddles after the typing testare stacked together underneath the players, which should also be stacked atthat time to quickly fill up your Charm meter.

In this example, we did not do the best job of stacking the puddles, but itworked out fine as we were all aware and at roughly the same Charm meterbefore the puddles:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (16)

As you may notice below, one member did not get Charmed as fast as theothers, and that is very dangerous as everyone else becomes an enemy to thatone player and they can easily get killed:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (17)

After the explosion, everyone’s Charm meter gets reduced to normal levels:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (18)

Here is a video example of this mechanic:


Frogs and Stagger

At 105 bars, Vykas goes to the middle of theroom and casts a red telegraph that needs to be avoided, then proceedsto spawning one “frog” at 1 o’clock and one at 7 o’clock, while surroundingherself with a Charm-generating AoE as a stagger bar appears:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (19)

The goal here is to kill the frogs while depleting the stagger bar.Important to note is that you can only do damage to the frogs if your Charmmeter is above 70%, and the red area under Vykas fillsup your Charm gauge relatively fast.

To properly handle this mechanic, you need a bit of preparation.Two players assigned to kill the “frogs” should beprepared with a Charm meter just above 70% right before we begin thismechanic:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (20)

You can also have your meter right under 70% because stepping in the middlewill give you the extra for you to start hitting the frog quickly.Everyone else groups up on one golden ball to cleanse their Charm barright as the mechanic starts:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (21)

This allows you to safely remove the stagger bar without getting to 100%Charm and potentially causing problems to the group.

Here is a video example:



This is a mechanic that can happen randomly throughout the fight. In normalmode, there is the normal version of this mechanic, where Vykas shoots outdark energy in a swirled line, and crosses her legs as she sits in the airwhile an eye briefly appears above her head:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (22)

Everyone must face away from her and the mechanic is solved.

In hard mode above 105 bars, you can only get the normal version of theMedusa mechanic described above, but under 105 bars, the mechanic will beenhanced. The starting signs are the same, but there are a couple ofdifferences.

If Vykas has both wings folded, everyone must look away (same as normalmode).

If Vykas has both wings spread, 2 players must look at her while everyoneelse looks away:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (23)

If Vykas has one wing spread, 1 player must look at her while everyone elselooks away:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (24)

Two of these patterns happen one after another, at random during a medusamechanic in hard mode.

Assigning 4 players for this mechanic is important. The first 2 will takecare of part one, and the other two will do part 2.

Here is a video example of how this mechanic looks in Hard Mode:

Failing this mechanic results in an AOE dot damage and charm gauge increasewhich will either kill you or get you to, or close to 100% charm. You can usea Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (25) Time Stop Potion to avoid the 2nd mechanic in caste you do not have4 players assigned to this.



At 55 bars, Vykas teleports to the middle ofthe room and spawns tentacles at predetermined locations around the room:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (26)

At the same time, balls of Charm shoot out from the center of the room in afan shape pattern:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (27)

The goal is to kill all the tentacles in the given timeframe.Tentacles can only be hit if your Charm meter is above 70%, and the Charmballs help fill it up.

During this mechanic, you regularly lose Charm. The goal is to grab enough balls tokeep you over 70% and under 100% while at the same timekilling your assigned tentacle and possibly helping with others around you.

Tentacles are not very hard to kill in both normal and hard mode, but thereare more of them in hard mode.

This mechanic is one where you would need some positions assigned. Notnecessarily to each player, but to groups. For example group two covers theright side of the round room, and group one covers the left side.There are more tentacles on the right side, so higher DPS groups shouldgo there.

Here is a video example from normal mode:

Assigning one DPS per tentacle is also a good tactic.

If you are still alive after the cutscene, it means you have killed alltentacles. If you die, it means one or more has been left alive.


Clone and Final Stagger

At 2 bars, Vykas disappears and severalclones of her appear in the room:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (28)

Your group needs to look at the minimap and go to the location of the realone:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (29)

Getting behind the boss is important because she will do a frontal AoE. Thegoal is to deplete the clone’s CC bar. Feel free to use the Sidereal skillWei during this phase, especially in hard mode:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (30)

During this mechanic, your Charm gauge fills up automatically, but at thebeginning of this stage, Vykas targets one group member and sends a seriesof dark red telegraphs after them.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (31)

Stepping in these removes Charm, so if the player that is being targeted isalso behind the clone, you can easily get two or three ticks of this which ishelpful. If you need more, feel free to follow the AoE’s pattern (straightline towards the outside of the room) and cleanse even more.

You need to be fast here since the fight gets harder the longer it takes.One example being the Charm puddles that so far only three people got and theywere small in size. During this phase, everyone gets them and they growlarger after you place them down, so perfect awareness and placement isimportant:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (32)

Upon breaking the CC bar, the fight is over.

Here is a video example for normal mode:

Hard Mode: After the initial CC bar break attempt, Vykas travels tothe middle of the room and spawns the red telegraph pattern with safe spotsthat you need to stay in. While at the same time, she is giving you another randommechanic from the ones she normally does. For example, you could have theMedusa mechanic at the same time as the telegraphs on the ground.

The red telegraph pattern is a repeating mechanic during the CC bar breakphase, so the faster you are, the cleaner the fight stays.


General Vykas Gate 3 Mechanics


Charm Puddles

Several players get a glowing pink telegraph under their feet, which aftera few seconds leaves a puddle on the ground. This puddle increases yourCharm gauge if you stay on top of it.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (33)

Try to place these away from upcoming mechanics or preset locations.


Spin Attack

Vykas spins in the air and attacks the ground in a line stretching frombehind to her front:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (34)

This does damage and a knock down, but after a moment, the same harmfulline becomes a safe spot so step in the line after she does it.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (35)


Back and Front Cone AoE

Vykas swings her sword once, then jumps in the air and lands for an AoEattack:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (36)

There is always a safe zone behind her marked with green in the pictureabove.

When she swings once, she always does two of these AoE attacks insuccession, each facing the opposite direction. The next one would looklike this:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (37)

This is how her initial swing looks like, which precedes this mechanic:

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (38)


Invisible Worms

Vykas spawns monsters that only players with a Charm gauge of over 70% cansee.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (39)

These monsters move very slowly from one side of the room to the otherbut hit very hard, so players who see them need to guide everyone else on apath to avoid these monsters. You can do this by pinging the ground where it is safe.


Egg Throw

Vykas swings to a location in the room and shoots several egg-shaped pinkorbs in a fan pattern.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (40)

Players that get hit by an egg start carrying a Charm telegraph underneaththeir feet and need to step away from the group at a comfortable range.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (41)

The hit player does not gain Charm, but everyone else that steps inside itdoes. This can be strategically used to gain some Charm if you need itduring the Sword and Statue or the Frogs and Stagger mechanics.


Chain Grab

Vykas throws a chain and grabs one player, dealing damage and reducing theirCharm meter.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (42)

Shortly after, she throws the grabbed player away and casts a crosstelegraph that needs to be avoided.


Space Bar Spam

At 35 bars, Vykas teleports to the middle of the room and four red orbs appearat 11 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 5 o’clock, and 7 o’clock. This mechanic willonly happen on hard mode. One player needs totake these orbs and quickly spam press space bar onyour keyboard to complete the task. Each of these players should have abackup that can sleep them with a bomb in case they fail. This always happensafter a safe out - safe in pattern. Failing to intercept the orbs causes large damage to everyone and yourCharm gauge increase by 50%.

Vykas Legion Raid Gate 3 (43)



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