Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (2024)

Vykas Phase 3 Guide – Lost Ark Legion Raid (Phase 3)

Now that you’ve completed Vykas Phase 1, and Vykas Phase 2, it’s time for Phase 3!

In this Vykas Phase 3 raid guide, you’ll find everything you need to know to overcome every mechanic.

Our experts from the RU/KR servers have beaten Vykas many times and are ready to pass on their knowledge to NA/EU.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and we’ll reply!

Phase 3 Overview

  • Required Gear Score (Normal Mode): 1430
  • Required Gear Score (Hard Mode): 1460
  • Recommended Battle Items:
    • Healing Potions
    • Whirlwind Bomb
    • Sleep Bomb
    • Time Stop

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (1)

  • Recommended card sets:
    • We’ll Meet Again and Forest of Giants: Provide universal defense bonuses.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (2)

Vykas Phase 3 Obtainable Rewards

Normal loot comes at the end of each phase, and you can acquire extra loot by buying the bonus loot box for some extra gold.

  • Normal Mode
    • Legendary gear materials
    • Relic type accessories
    • 1 Vykas wing
    • 600 Gold

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (3)

  • Hard Mode
    • 2 Vykas wings
    • Relic type accessories
    • 1000 Gold

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (4)

  • Wipe mechanics
    • X170 Slides
    • X150 Swords and clones
    • X135 Input mechanic
    • X120 Charming mechanic
    • X100 Stagger mechanic
    • X75 Slides
    • X55 Tentacles
    • X40 (Hard Mode only)
    • X0 Impairment and kill
  • Random wipe mechanic
    • Medusa

Phase 3 Fight Overview

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (5)

In Phase 3, you will be fighting Vykas’s final form, the whole raid will fight together during this phase.

During this phase, you will have an extra bar above the character head, known as the “Charm” bar.

Charm Bar

You start the fight with 50% bar.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (6)

If the Charming bar is reduced to 0% you will deal very low damage on Vykas.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (7)

You need at least the flower to be pink to deal damage.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (8)

If the Charm bar reaches 70% (the white mark) you will deal additional damage, but you will take extra damage too.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (9)

If the Charm bar hits 100%, you will be charmed and you will lose control of your character. You will start attacking your teammates for 20 seconds and then you will die.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (10)

In this case, a teammate can use a Sleep Bomb/CC skill to remove the Charm debuff.

Blood Orb

This is one of the most annoying mechanics during Phase 3 but sometimes it’s useful mechanic.

Vykas eats a blood orb, then a few players will have a debuff on their mana bar:

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (11)

After 4 seconds, a debuffed character will leave the Vykas Charming clone. If anyone touches it, their Charm bar will greatly increase.

Don’t step in unless you need to increase your Charm bar for mechanics like x120 or x55.

Make sure to drop it on the edge of the arena.

There are 3 golden orbs across the maps, if interacted with, it will spawn a circle that greatly reduces the Charm bar, and will be used through the mechanics.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (12)

In Hard Mode : 3 orbs (9 o’clock – 12 o’clock – 3 o’clock)

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (13)

In Normal Mode : 4 orbs (9 o’clock – 12 o’clock – 3 o’clock – 6 o’clock)

Vykas Phase 3 Total HP:

  • Normal mode: 1,519,635,152
  • Hard mode : 3,096,615,841

Major/wipe mechanics during the fights start when reaching some certain HP bar of the boss

Key Mechanics

Slides (X170)

Vykas teleports to the center and 6 seconds later, all of the party will be charmed and pulled towards her.

If any player is in the inner circle around Vykas, they will take very high damage and die.

2 players will have a status above their mana bar that lasts for 4 seconds.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (14)

When this time is over, their character will leave a slowness area on the ground, anyone who steps on it will get slowness debuff for 1 second and it keeps renewing.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (15)

6 players will have the opposite buff above their HP bar -, after 4 seconds, when it lands on the ground, anyone who steps on it will have increased movement speed.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (16)

Normal mode: 3 players will have slowness debuff instead of 2.

  • Slides strategy
    • The 2 players who got the slow buffs shall stand on 1 side next to each other to land their slowness.
    • Everyone else shall stay away from them, wait for 4 seconds until their move speed increases, debuff drops and run to the slowness bridge.

Clones and Swords (X150)

Vykas goes invisible and everyone with a Charm bar less than 70% will see clones of Vykas.

Everyone with a Charm bar above 70% will see swords. The strategy here is to match the clones with the swords, only 1 spot will match the safe spot during this.

It’s advised to have at least 1 player with a Charm bar above 70% ping the swords only and when their pings match any clone, it’s the safe spot that everyone should run to.

Input Mechanic (X135)

Vykas teleports to the center and the whole area will have a blood rain that increases your Charm bar greatly. At this point, the whole team should go to one golden orb and open it and stay inside the golden circle until all your Charm bar hits 0%.

Then everyone will get stunned and Vykas will start the input key mechanic.

You will need to press the keys that appear on your screen, TWICE.

  • If 1 player fails, Vykas will explode, dealing some damage to everyone and she will have a shield. With more failures, the damage doubles and the shield doubles.
  • If 4 players fail, it’s a wipe, no shields work here or even time Stop Potion.

Charm Mechanic (X120)

Vykas debuffs everyone with the pink debuff that leaves a Vykas clone after 4 seconds and anyone who steps in it will greatly increase his Charm bar.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (17)

You can see it above your mana bar.

At x120 bar, the whole team must be Charmed to avoid a Vykas explosion that will kill anyone who isn’t Charmed.

So, everyone should stack together and get Charmed as fast as possible.

A few seconds later when Vykas perform the explosion, everyone will be petrified and the Charm effect will be gone.

Stagger (X100)

Vykas teleports to the center and summons a big circle around her. If a player steps in it, it will increase your Charm bar.

A Stagger bar will appear on her and she will summon 2 minions who will explode after 7 seconds to kill everyone. You can’t kill those minions unless your Charm bar is above 70%.

What you need to do is the following:

Open 1 more golden orb to reduce your Charm bar to 0%.

Finish Vykas Stagger bar in 6 seconds and use Time Stop to avoid the minion’s explosion.

If the party Stagger is low, you can use the Wei Sidereal.

If you don’t want to use Time Stop, you can assign 2 players with high damage to go above 70% Charm bar and kill the minions before they explode.

Slides (X75)

Same as x170 slides mechanic, nothing extra.

Tentacles (X55)

Vykas teleports to the center and blood orbs that increase the player’s Charm bar will start spreading out from her.

8 tentacles will appear on the edges of the area. 20 seconds later, everyone will be pulled into Vykas’s big blood orb, then, Vykas will eat this orb and kill everyone.

What you need to do is the following:

You will need to kill all those tentacles, but you can’t deal damage to it if you have a Charm bar less than 70%.

So, you need to consume some of Vykas blood orbs to increase your bar to 70%+ then start attacking the tentacles.

Use the highest damage skills you have, you can use awakening if you need to.

If all tentacles are dead, Vykas will do the eating orb animation and nobody will die.

Blood orbs (X40): [Hard Mode only]

Vykas teleport to the center will do an outer circle explosion. Then, 4 blood orbs will spawn (10 o’clock, 1 o’clock, 5 o’clock, and 7 o’clock). Those orbs will move towards Vykas if it reaches her, she will wipe.

All you need to do is to assign 4 players to take 1 orb. These players will need to press Space bar quickly to free themselves and pass the mechanic.

Around x11~x5 HP bar

Consume 1 more golden orb to get ready for the last mechanic.

Stagger and Kill

When Vykas reaches 0 HP, she will scream and start her last wipe mechanic.

What you need to do to kill her is finish her Stagger bar. During this mechanic, everyone’s Charm bar will increase slightly overtime.

Vykas will go invisible and summon her clone in the center of the area and she will be in 1 of 4 directions (North – East – South – West), just look at the mini map to see where she is.

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (18)

The clone in the center will perform the “Medusa” mechanic, so everyone needs to look away and move towards the real Vykas.

The central clone will send explosive circles that follow 1 player, it reduces the Charm bar for anyone who steps on it.

Everyone should move to the back of Vykas to avoid the laser beams that 1 shots anyone who touches it.

We suggest using Wei on the real Vykas to help finish her Stagger bar.

Everyone should then throw Whirlwinds and use all Stagger skills.

Random Mechanics

Medusa (wipe)

Vykas sits on her sword and summons a big red eye on top of her. Shadow lines spread out from her and during this animation, if anyone looks at her, she will trigger a wipe mechanic.

In Normal Mode, all you need to do is just look away by clicking on the opposite side with your mouse (basic attack).

In Hard Mode, she might raise a wing or two – depending on how many wings rise you need to look at her.

If she raises 1 wing, 1 player only must look at her. If it’s 2 wings, 2 players must look, and she does it 2 times.

If players looked at her randomly or 2 look while she raises 1 wing, this will happen:

In this case, you can use Time Stop.

Invisible Worms

Vykas summons invisible worms that deal very high damage. To see the worms, you need your Charm bar to be 70%+.

Otherwise, you will see nothing. To avoid that, all of the team can run to the very edge of the area at 6 o’clock.

Blood Smash

Vykas targets a player and performs a few slashes forward, followed up with jump and smash. She causes a knockup, damage, and increases the Charm bar, then she will follow this up with another smash to the opposite side. The safe spot is at her back.

Blood Sword

Vykas extends her sword forward, causing strip AoE. This attack increases the Charm bar.


Vykas teleports to a targeted player, then she will do a quick spin before she turns blue and allows counters.

Vykas Storm

Vykas jumps and rushes towards a targeted player leaving a pattern behind that explodes and increases the Charm bar. We recommend stacking together during this mechanic:

  • If the pattern is 1 line, move away from it
  • If the pattern is multiple lines, stack together in between.
  • Then she will end her storm with a stomp on the ground.
  • Avoid the first smash then rush towards her because the outer area will explode as well.

Fan-shaped Spin

Vykas spins vertically, causing a knock up, damage, and Charm bar increase. The safe spot is outside of her vertical spin – move to the front or back of her before the lines explode.


Vykas levitates and dives into a targeted player, 2 times. She takes no damage while she’s levitating.


Vykas holds her sword forward and opens a blood portal sending chains to everyone. If any chain touches you, you will be imprisoned.

Blood Bath

The whole arena starts raining blood, then an outer circle explosion will happen, try to dodge everything because blood rain greatly increases your Charm bar.


Vykas extends her sword to grab a player and flies up while dealing damage to that player.

This will also reduce their Charm bar. She ends it with a cross attack and knocks away the grabbed player.

Vykas Phase 3 Quick Recommendations

Phase 3 Golden Orb Strategy

  • Use 1st orb at x135 HP bar.
  • Use 2nd orb at x100 HP bar.
  • Use 3rd orb at x10~5 HP bar.

Phase 3 Sidereals Strategy :

Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (19)

  • If your party doesn’t have enough Stagger
    • Use Wei at x100 hp bar (during Stagger mechanic)
  • If your party got enough Stagger
    • Use Nineveh at x135 HP bar (right after the key input mechanic).
  • If your party is having hard times to keep their Charm bar low
    • Use Inanna during the x100 HP bar mechanic and do manual stagger.
  • Must save the Sidereal for the x0 mechanic, and use Wei to finish the Stagger bar quickly.

You can adjust and modify your own strategy depending on how your party setup is.

Good luck, and have fun.

Congrats on beating Vykas Phase 3! To revisit other raids, check out our other Lost ark raid guides.

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Vykas Phase 3 - Lost Ark Legion Raid Guide (2024)


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